Staying connected!

As we enter into Holy Week, there are many ways in which we can stay connected with one another.

First, Dean and I have recorded short Palm Sunday and Easter services for broadcast on WCSR 92.1 FM. Tune in at 7:30 AM on Sunday mornings to listen, and don’t forget to extend an invitation to someone else!

Second, a new video devotional and worship resources will be posted for the weekend. These resources include a kids’ Sunday school lesson put together by Shana. I’m sure adults could make use of it as well.

Third, we will have a “virtual” Holy Week. On Maundy Thursday I will invite you to take the elements of the Lord’s Supper at home while viewing a short service on this site. On Good Friday, we will be joining together with other Christians from the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, the Presbyterian Church in America, and the Anglican Church in North America for a time of prayer and fasting. Stay tuned for more information.

Lastly, just as there is no true substitute for the actions of corporate worship, there are no real substitutes for the actions of personal interaction and conversation. Take the time to check in with someone every day!

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