Joining the Zoom Meeting

Tomorrow will be an experiment. Here are a few things you should know.

  1. A personal computer with a camera and microphone, a tablet, or a smartphone will be necessary to participate. If you are not planning on sharing your AV, then you can listen even if you do not have a camera or microphone.
  2. To access the meeting, click on the link in the previous post or your email.
  3. If prompted by your web browser, click the button to open or run Zoom.
  4. If I have not started the meeting yet, then you will see a box prompting you to wait for the host to start.
  5. If you are using the Zoom app, then enter the meeting ID found in the previous email. If you do not have this ID, comment on this post or email me directly and I will make sure that you have it.
  6. On your meeting screen, you will find controls to mute/unmute your sound or turn on/off your video. Don’t feel pressured to share picture or sound it if makes you uncomfortable.
  7. There is also a chat box available in every meeting, if you would like to enter text questions.
  8. We will be ending promptly at 7:10. I will be recording each session so that it can be viewed later on.

Hope that you can join us!

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