Sunday, May 24th Resources

As we continue to adapt to our current context, the session has agreed to continue multiple options for engaging and growing during the summer. You may attend worship on Sunday morning (with appropriate social distancing), listen to the broadcast at 7:30 AM on WCSR 92.1, and/or make use of the Worship Resources page on this site to access music, prayers, and video devotionals. Every thing is set to the same pace. If you listen to the radio broadcast, you will hear the same sermon and service music as the 10 AM in-person service. The video devotional is typically an adaptation of a smaller portion of the same sermon text. In this way, you might also think of the website resources as “Sunday school” to accompany the radio and in-person services. Hopefully, this helps us all to feel like we are on the “same page” spiritually and relationally.

I would also like to remind everyone of two additional opportunities for discipleship. The Zoom bible study on Wednesday evenings has been going well. So come and join us! Also, take a look at the “Daily Offices” on the Worship Resources page. There are currently several weeks’ worth of devotions posted. In the coming weeks, I will be experimenting with these resources to help us grow together as a body.

God bless you all!

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