Update on Livestreaming

After looking into the matter, I have found that YouTube will not let users embed non-monetized livestreams into a different webpage. As a consequence, no one trying to watch our service at fpchillsdale.org will be able to watch the service as it happens. No worries! Here are three simple ways to watch the service.

  1. When you go to a blog post or the Lord’s Day page to watch service, simply follow the prompt that leads you to YouTube. If you click on the link, you can go directly to the livestream as it is happening on YouTube.
  2. Go directly to YouTube, and search for our channel – “Hillsdale First Presbyterian Church.” The stream will be available on our channel. You could even subscribe to follow our YouTube channel so that you know exactly when the service is beginning.
  3. Recorded videos can be embedded on our page. If you wait an hour after service ends, you can view the recording of our service directly on fpchillsdale.org.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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