Call to Prayer for Hillsdale Hospital

Please join with us on Friday, September 17th @ 9:30 to pray for Hillsdale Hospital. Pray from home or work or school or even in-person at the hospital. If you can come, let’s gather towards the main entrance. We will then disburse around the sidewalks. Try to park on the streets and please minimize the possibility of any disturbance to hospital operations. Here are the four things to pray for our hospital:

1. For God’s blessings to be upon the staff of the hospital.

2. For God’s healing mercy to be upon the patients of the hospital.

3. For God’s wisdom to fill up the minds of our community members that they make good medical decisions for themselves and their family members.

4. For God’s strength to be given to the hospitals and facilities struggling with staffing issues throughout the state of Michigan.

Thanks for joining in this time of prayer for our community!

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