Lord’s Day Worship

A prayer for Sunday Worship

Sweet, loving Jesus – how often we forget that it is because of You that we live. You made us from the very dust that You created. Then You did the most wondrous of all things, You made us in Your image and You breathed life into us. We thank you today for our lives and we pray that You continue to sustain us each day. From Your heavenly place accept our prayers and our praise. Amen.

(From thirdmill.org)

A song of praise

A video sermon

Posted for September 20th. This is our second weekend in the book of Romans!

This is our first Lord’s Day in the book of Romans. The text is Romans 1:1-17. Today we learn a little bit about Paul and a little bit about the Gospel. God bless all worshiping at home!

It is September 6th, and we are finishing our series of studies in Deuteronomy! Today’s sermon is all about finishing well. Do you want to finish well?

This is a sermon on Deuteronomy 27:1-13, recorded for August 30th. In the sermon, I lay out three steps for pursuing blessing:

  1. Listen to God’s law.
  2. Seek God through sacrifice.
  3. Tell one another the truth.