Pastor’s Musings

Prayer Meeting Via Zoom

Tonight, we will have our normal Zoom meeting. There will be, however, no Bible study. Instead, we will simply spend fifteen minutes together praying and fellowshipping. This is a busy time for many folks, but also a stressful time due to isolation and abrupt changes to time-honored traditions. It would be good to check in with each other tonight. Here is the access info:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 827 2212 1701
Passcode: 276037

Lord’s Day Worship for November 22nd

Tomorrow we will run our first live-stream of Sunday morning worship. This is a test run, so there may be unexpected blips. Nonetheless, you can find the stream by heading over to YouTube and searching for “Hillsdale First Presbyterian Church.” You should find our channel this way. The stream will be available on our page.

In case there is a problem or for those looking for even more content, I have posted resources for Lord’s Day worship at that page. The video message is also included in this post.

Finally, if you are attending worship in-person, don’t forget to grab your communion cup and wafer before heading to your seat!

Return to Zoom Bible Study

Given developments locally and at the state level, Wednesday Bible study will return to a Zoom-only format, beginning this Wednesday evening. Access information can be found on the homepage of As much as I value our in-person time, it seems that it is best for most of us to ease back at least one more item from our schedule. As pastor, my priority remains maintenance of in-person worship on the Lord’s Day, while providing care and resources to those worshiping from home.

Bible study starts at 6:30 PM. Hope you can join us!

Lord’s Day Worship for November 8th

New resources are up for at-home worship at the Lord’s Day page. As you are all aware, the virus has been spreading in our community to a greater extent now than at any other time during the pandemic. Please be careful and prayerful. As much as I desire to be with everyone physically, it may be wise for some more people to stay home than have done so in the past. For all who come tomorrow, hold fast to the greatest commandments – love God and love neighbor!