Looking for signs of growth

It is an exciting time in our congregation. There are signs of God’s work among us, bringing new growth and excitement in their wake. This leads us to ask an important question. What does church growth look like?

During last year’s study of the book of Acts, we explored several verses in Acts which point us to a model for church growth. We discovered together that there are three necessary ingredients to growth.

  1. Ministry growth – This is growth in our community impact. Who are we reaching? What do people think of when they think of our congregation? What would be lost if we closed our doors tomorrow?
  2. Maturity growth – This is growth in our knowledge of the faith and in our faithfulness to the Lord. How is Scripture challenging us and shaping us? Where is the Spirit producing his fruit? How are we learning from our tradition and doctrine?
  3. Membership growth – This is growth in the numerical size of our fellowship? Are new people coming to worship? Are people exploring the step of membership?

When these three types of growth are taking place, a congregation is in the “sweet spot.” I can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to continue to do in our congregation!

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